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There are some coaches who want to be there, push you, are motivating, and kind but is evident they have had a bad day. They are nonmotivating, self-centered, and have a negative attitude.

They clearly don't want to be there! It is obvious and uncomfortable. I am spending a good deal of money to be a member and deserve the all out coach that is inspiring instead of nonchalant and abbrasive. I don't pay my hard earned money to get an attitude, to be felt like I am bothering someone, or to experience a negative attitude that is clear of uncaring individual who appears to be more interested about their text messages and eating in front of everyone at the front desk.

Unprofessional is clear with the manager and head coach. They don't welcome you, unless they are "feeling" it. This act of insensitivity is a disgrace to members, the profession, and OTF's.

I have often felt I am the only one, but in several diaglogues with other members, the head coach and manager are negative, unprofessional, and simply stated 2 of a kind. I am probably the only one to voice the truth unfortunatley.

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I left after dealing with the same issues. When I voiced my concerns the manager seemed shocked, but it felt like she wasn't even really listening.


I felt the same way. And I need motivation to be successful.

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